Thursday, May 17, 2007

Identity Theft

Alright, I've told some people what I think about names and it seems like it takes more explaining than I hoped it would.

As I see it, we identify people by their minds. For example, if we put Adam's brain in Ben's body, we would still call him Adam. If Adam's brain could control both his original and another body, we would address both of them as Adam, because that is the mind we are talking to.

Every mind has it's own separate identity. We use names to differentiate between them. I use the word "names", but really any method of differentiating between two minds is what I'm talking about. It could be a number, a name, anything that will work like that.

The body is just a piece of property. The property is owned by the mind.

Alright, now let's suppose Ben goes around claiming to be Adam. What he is saying in effect is "The body before you which is speaking to you is property of the mind known as Adam." This implies "Adam is to be held responsible for the actions of this piece of property (the body)." To then proceed to act in a way that would have people hold Adam responsible or to damage or impede Adam's ability to reach his goals by falsely pretending to be him, would be fraud, and a crime.

If a dog attacks someone else, the owner is held responsible.
If my dog attacks someone else, and I say "it is Adam's dog", I might be able to trick people into holding him accountable. But I cannot then retract that statement and say "No, this is my dog" once the debt has been paid.

The same should apply to human bodies.

If you claim that your body is property of someone else (in everyday thought where we conflate mind and body into identity, we would normally see this as claiming to be someone else, using their name, pretending to be them), you should then give your body to that someone else as property. That means, you become their slave. For however long you pretended to be them, you deserve to become their property. Because it was supposedly someone else's property when you had control of it without their permission, you stole from them, and owe restitution.

Now, I know that a lot of people have the same name. I'm not talking about that kind of thing. Names are not unique in all cases. If two people share the name "John Smith" then anyone else purporting to be "John Smith" and holding someone known only as "John Smith" accountable could not prove which of the two "John Smith"s was to be held responsible, who had ownership of that body. If it cannot be said that either one of them had ownership of the body, neither of them can be held responsible.

But in the case of unique names, like my old handle "Keti 'Kotaree", which was stolen on more than one occasion, and I do mean stolen, we're not talking about some coincidence of naming, then you are claiming to be property of a specific person, and you deserve to become that person's property for the duration of time you spent pretending to be them.

Of course, you can buy yourself back from them, if they'll sell you back your time, and just give them money. But they have the right to refuse to sell it back to you at any price, until your time as their slave is up.

If the possibility of becoming a slave doesn't deter identity theft, I don't know what will.


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