Monday, February 05, 2007

Tax Strategy: Tar 'n' Feathers

I got a W-2 today. My Income Tax Strategy in 4 words or less: KILL IT WITH FIRE.

Something I would love to see happen -- to the point that I would do it myself just to ensure that it gets done -- would be the classic "Revolutionary" tax collector treatment.

That means tar, feathers, and a nice big "Tax Collector" sign, paraded through downtown Concord in the back of a pickup.

Everybody hates the IRS. If McVeigh had bombed an IRS office, he'd be a nationwide folk hero. I'm not planning on bombs, however. That would get me labelled as a terrorist. Not pretty. I just want to show the government, "It's been 230 years, and we still hate taxes." It's not like I want to hurt anyone (save some massive embarassment for the IRS agent). I just want the world to know how I feel. And I know a lot of other people feel the same way. They just don't act on it.

A thought not put into action is a thought never thought at all. A thought shared by millions is never thought if not acted upon. It only takes one person to act. The rest will then respond, and their response will show their thoughts. And the response to the responses of others will reinforce those thoughts.

The ground is exceptionally fertile for the seed to be planted right after a tax increase.

What would the response be? Among politicians, with no doubt, the response would be outrage. Among voters, the response would be laughter. From a jury? They might just aquit. With enough Freestaters spending the weeks prior to and during the trial giving all potential jurors a FIJA flyer, the chances really aren't too bad at all.

What a better place to tar and feather an IRS agent than the lowest taxed State in the Union.


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