Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Libertarian Debate Points

These are a few things I've found in my adventures debating with nonlibertarians. Some are taken out of context, but putting them back in context should be simple enough to make it easy for new libertarian debaters to learn to apply. I'll update it as I hear other clever ways of phrasing things.

"A patrol or two a day in a neighborhood and a response time of 15 minutes or more is somehow sufficient to stop mass killings. Let's entertain this stupid idea for a moment..."

"At the very least, petty warlords do not have the time or patience to enforce stupid laws and economic regulations."

"Okay, the government protects you from criminals. This just delays the problem. Who protects you from the government? Under anarchocapitalism, you'd just call in another [Private Defense Agency] if yours is being abusive. Under government, you don't get that redundancy."

"It's a lot harder to get people to pay taxes when they think you're just a petty theif."

"The government does not invent, create, or produce, the market does. The government spends all it's time trying to regulate, impede, or otherwise loot the market."

"Some people would rather have higher pay than a safer workplace; you are not involved in that decision so you are not to make that decision for anyone else."

"The market is shortsighted? Who is more shortsighted? Bill Gates or Bill Clinton?"

"Government is a hopelessly utopian idea. To work, it requires intelligent voters, selfless politicians, and omniscient bureaucrats. None of these three have yet manifested in reality. But that's okay. Maybe it'll work someday when we finally get that perfect world where we don't need it anymore."

"What do you mean Libertarianism requires faith in humaity? Bullshit. I have no faith in humanity. That's why I have no faith in cops, bureaucrats, and politicians. Government requires faith in humanity."

"People who say government is a 'necessary evil' tend to emphasize the 'necessary' and ignore the 'evil', leading me to believe they're just regurgitating rhetoric."

"How oh how did humanity ever evolve without economic regulations?"

"If people need leaders because they are idiots, then democracy is a stupid idea, because idiots will just elect other idiots."

"I've yet to understand how calling oneself a 'government' gives you such amazing powers."

"You think under libertarianism the government would be owned by corporate interests? I thought that's what we had right now anyways."

"Wages are prices. If you want high wages, you want high prices. Next time you raise wages don't bitch that prices are going up."

"...which begs the question, why does it still happen today if the government has solved these problems for us?"

"If you can't afford a $300 AK-47, you have better things to be doing than organizing labor unions."

"I said people should be held responsible for their own actions, not that they would take responsibility for them."

"A pissed off hunter with a .308 isn't going to play nice or fair when his life, liberty, and property are in jeopardy."

"It's not necessarily true that all people will do anything to achieve their goals. As for those that do, why don't they just take political power- oh wait."

"I want to hit people when they start telling me how great democracy is as if it is the very emobidment of freedom itself."

"If the government were consistent it would break itself apart for violating monopoly laws."

"And this system of mutual tolerance is what we call 'Libertarianism'."

"If the goal [of checks and balances] is to stop asshole A from overriding asshole B, the obvious solution is to get rid of both of them and scrap the whole government so neither asshole has anything to take control of in the first place."

"This 'voting with dollars' thing they give you in economics is an attempt to make you equate democracy with freedom. You don't actually vote with dollars."

"Government is people, it's wrong for people to hurt each other, therefore it's wrong for government to hurt people. How people don't get it is beyond me."

"Under government violence is far more widespread. It's just disguised as 'Law enforcement'."

"'We' are not the government."

"The Labor Theory of Value is a questionable economic theory which is for some reason often interpreted as a law of morality."

"The unethical nature of the method of funding [taxes] necessarily precludes the question of the unethical nature of not paying."

"If the government wanted me to pay, they wouldn't give things away for free. On the market, people put a price on things before allowing them to be used. The government can do this too. Oh wait, no it can't. If it could, people would be able to choose not to interact with the government."


Anonymous Ironbear said...

Here's one for you that should spark a lively explosion somewhere [It has for me in the past ;)]:

"A *just* 'reform' of government would entail holding voters accountable for the actions of their 'representatives'."

1:59 AM  

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