Tuesday, February 06, 2007

"National" "Security"

Thanks to Jason Orr on the Free Talk Live forums for this idea.

One of the biggest objections to an anarcho-capitalist society is "What if you get invaded by another country?"

Usually the assumption that the region in question is the United States and the point being made that it's thousands of miles of ocean both ways with friendly neighbors, the issue can be avoided. I prefer to do this because it takes a lot less effort.

One brilliant possibility I heard of seems like it would apply very easily.

If we assume first that a libertarian society exists and has for a number of years, every major company would want to move there to avoid taxes. Let's assume, for example, New Hampshire becomes an anarcho-capitalist society. And suppose the US wants to invade.

What would the companies do to defend themselves? I can see the broadcast right now.

"Hello, my name is Z. Hwasi, the CEO of Hwasi-Miess Defense and Courts, and I understand your country may be planning an invasion of the New Hampshire region. This causes us great concern. Should your country go through with this, you should know that a bounty will be out for you. Every Congressman and Senator who votes to support such a measure, every General who leads your army, your President, and anyone else responsible for the decision to invade, will have a bounty out on their head to be paid five hundred thousand ounces of silver at the lowest, and such person who can prove that they killed you will be given safe haven in New Hampshire, free platinum-level protection for ten years, and the bounty money. We expect most of the rewards will be paid to your closest advisors, assistants, and other employees. We trust you will put great consideration into your decision."

Who would dare invade? By doing so they invite their employees, and even each other, to betray them.


Anonymous Kevin Biomech said...


I've been arguing, or attempting to anyway, the point of stateless defense for many years. I tend to quote RAH's line "an armed society is a polite society", but it doesn't seem palatable to most people.

It is easy enough to logically demonstrate how universal armament can discourage invasion, but most people's logic skills are... emotionally laden.

This little piece answers the doubters in a way I just LOVE!

Preach On, Brother.

12:44 AM  

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