Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The name is a pun. I call myself Zhwazi, and I usually type these things when I'm bored. Or sometimes in a discussion with someone else, then I reformat them to a monolouge. Anything omitted is usually a personal discussion rather than the philosophical type I typically go on about. The reason it's a pun is because if pronounced quickly, one says "Bourgeoisie", the word Karl Marx used for the capitalist class.

My beliefs can be summed up rather nicely using the words anarchism, atheism, individualism, and survivalism. Quite a departure from the mainstream, but if you read on you may find that my reasons for believing what I do are not as stupid as you might believe them to be given an outline of my beliefs before allowing me to explain them.

My goal is either pursuasion or reinforcement, depending upon your current beliefs. I do not purport to be able to change your mind, all I can do it convince you to change your own mind.

If you approach this blog with the idea that I am wrong and you are right, then please counter any arguements I make. I do not purport to be a "true believer" in the "one and only truth" which I describe for you. I would very much like to be proven wrong, because I think it worse to continue spreading incorrect or unsound ideas than to endure the embarassment of being proven wrong. However, if you do wish to debate me, do so with the assumption that you are right but acknowledge the possibility that you might not be. My ideas will likely challenge doctorines that you hold dear, and it may be painful to give some of those up, or in fact you might absolutely refuse to give them up. So long as you continue discussion with me, I will try to show you the truth, but I cannot show you the truth if you will not see it.

I do not play some of the games that many people play. Conservatives will believe I am a "left wing" blogger. Liberals will believe I am a "right wing" blogger. Please note that I am neither. I do not play "left and right". I play "free and slave". "Left and right" is a game where one argues between two kinds of slavery which each side believes is freedom. "Free and slave" is a game where one argues between consistent poles which have forever been at odds.

You might find the different perspective refreshing or maddening, insightful or frustrating. Your perception is up to you, only you can control that. I say what I do not to make you mad, but to help you understand.

I hope you enjoy reading what I type and that you challenge your existing views, I'm going to give you a thinking experience on my blog.