Sunday, December 03, 2006

Democracy vs Market

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...that all men are created equal..." -Declaration of Independance

Democracy is an idea that rests on the equality of all people. Rich or poor, black or white, right or left, all people are equal. If one man were created superior to all others, monarchy would be justified. If one group of men were created superior to all others, and all in that group equal to one another, oligarchy would be justified. Democracy is contrary to these, it requires that all men are created equal.

Are all men created equal?

Certainly it is absurd to treat one group of men as if they are superior to another group of men by their very nature, and thus should rule over the others. Democracy deserves credit for avoiding that idiocy. There is absolutely no reason to believe that one person's interests supercedes another person's interests. But that doesn't necessarily mean people are equal.

One person is one mind controlling a body. Minds are subjective. And subjective spheres cannot directly access other subjective spheres to identify anything about them, including their actual existence.

But this means that two minds cannot be compared at all. And if they cannot be compared, they cannot be said to be superior or inferior, but nor can they be said to be equal. Superiority, inferiority, or equality is irrelevant for the simple reason that it is impossible to ascertain in the first place.

Aggression is irrational because one who aggresses believes that they or their interests are superior to the victim's interests. Having no way of determining that, they are necessarily acting in absence of reason.

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner. It treats the sheep as if it's desire to continue living were equal to the desires of two wolves to eat. We have no way of determining whether that is true, however. For all we know, the sheep may desire to live with 10 times the intensity of the wolves' desire for dinner.

What we can do instead is the method of the market. For example, if the Sheep values it's life at many millions of dollars, the sheep will not sell itself for less (assume the sheep would like it's family to have a lot of money). The wolves may value the meat of the sheep at $40 for all the meat, wool, et cetera. These prices are how we can determine how intense people's individual wants and needs are.

Which system is more rational? Which system is more fair?

Democracy asserts knowledge where none can exist. It is two wolves and a sheep voting for dinner.

The Market is where we can have knowledge which Democracy believes to have. It is two wolves trying to buy a sheep for dinner, but not having enough money.

I'll vote for the market.


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