Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Free Your Mind To Free Your Body

On top of the irrational beliefs in gods and governments, there is an equally pervasive belief in compulsory wearing of clothing. Stand back and look at this objectively for a moment.

You come out of your mom's womb. You were not born with clothing. Hence is man's natural state. It is not by nature than humans must wear clothing almost purpetually.

Some might claim that nudity promotes lust. I contend that there's actually nothing inherently wrong with that, but that it's untrue anyways. Nudity is not inherently sexual. Yes, you are generally naked when you have sex. But I can point out plenty of other times that you're naked that you're not having sex.

Ask yourself the following question: "What is the function of the bathing suit?"

It doesn't make you more wet. If it does, it makes you more wet when you want to be dry. It impedes your swimming, so it's certainly not designed to make you a better swimmer except in recordsetting and flotation swimsuits. Does it dissuade sexual fantasy?

The very act of hiding genitalia creates sexual mystery. Wearing a bright red bikini attracts attention directly to the genitalia and then says "No! You can't look here!"

Imagine I shout at you to come look at something and then as you get closer I put it in a box and tell you "You can't see it." Is that going to make you want to see it more or is that going to make you want to ignore it? Now, if I called you over to look at something and showed you a glass of water, with nothing unusual about it, it's not exactly like all other glasses of water but it's not terribly different, what would you think then? You'd ask me what's so special about it as if you were obviously missing something because if you weren't you certainly didn't want to spend your time looking at a glass of water.

Yet the people who believe in compulsory wearing of clothing would see the bright red bikini as less sexually interesting as no bikini at all. Or at the very least, more decent.

As a matter of fact, the concept of a bathing suit is only about 100 years old. Before then people just stripped down naked and hopped in the pond/river/ocean/bay/gulf/lake/etc. Skinnydipping wasn't even a word because an alternative way of doing things wasn't even bothered to be thought of.

People do not need clothes to survive. I don't know why people think you do. Clothes are no more necessary to survival than calculators. People say "Food, Clothing, Shelter" as if they were three different things. Clothing is portable shelter. You don't always need shelter, just when things start getting pretty bad. And in this day and age of air conditioning, central heating, good insulation, telecommuting, et cetera, it's less necessary than it ever has been.

I'll grant that sometimes clothing is useful. If you're cooking, welding, playing with liquid nitrogen, smoking, or doing anything else where there's a high likelyhood of something hot, poisonous, cold, sharp, or extremely fast moving hitting you, you probably shouldn't be doing it naked. And if it's really cold outside, or you live in the desert, then you have some reasons for wearing clothes.

But when it's betwenn 65 and 95 degrees outside, there's no practical reason to wear clothes. If it's raining, your skin dries off a lot faster than your shirt does.

If you're working out, your sweat will evaporate faster if you're not wearing anything, and you'll cool off better. You also won't have to peel your clothes off to get in the shower. If you're sitting at home doing something else, you'll be amazed how quickly you forget that you're naked. And if you're being harassed by those damned Jehova's Witnesses again, answer the door naked. They won't be coming back anytime soon. And if you have never been skinnydipping you are seriously missing out on a wonderful experience.

So why do we wear clothes? Especially unnecessary and redundant clothing. On males, all it takes to be "decent" is a pair of underpants or boxers. Yet we wear so much more. We wear a shirt or two, pants, and sometimes a hat, at least in fair weather. That's 5 times as much clothing as we need to be "decent". Certainly we'll attract attention doing that but we won't get arrested for indecent exposure. Most women would venture out in public wearing the skimpiest bathing suit in existence before going out in their regular underwear. Why? The bathing suit is more revealing, so it's not how much skin is showing.

It's not like the Bible bans nudity. Nowhere does it say "If a man goeth out into market and is not wearing his garment, he shall be taken to the edge of town and stoned." Not at all. Jesus actually said "He who has no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one." (Luke 22:36) Jesus would rather have you naked than defenseless. And the prophets tore off their clothes in the street and prophesied nude. It was pretty normal. Fishermen at the time almost always worked without their clothes on. But one of the things you learn about fundamentalism is that when it makes policy decisions, half of them glaringly contradict the Bible. Prohibition on alcohol for example.

So, why do we wear clothes 24/7? It's not to keep people from lusting after us. It's not because we don't have fur. It's not because we melt when it rains. If it's because it makes us "decent" then that definition is arbitrary and hence invalid. Because we "just don't wanna see that"? That's caused by the arbitrary decency and social conditioning. My personal belief?

Herd mentality. If you subscribe to the clothes-compulsive mentality, beat yourself in the head until you realize that most people are stupid, so if most people believe it, it's probably stupid. So don't follow a bunch of stupid nitwits. You have your own brain. Use it.


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Yeah, but think about how embarassing it would be flirting with a girl and then you get an erection but have no pants to hold it down/hide it.

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