Thursday, November 16, 2006

Deep Anarchy

I'm a Deep Anarchist. This is more of a perspective of anarchism than a kind of anarchism.

Deep Anarchy is looking at the State as a shared delusion, like a religion, rather than as a concrete entity. Rather than assume government, as most people do, it assumes no government, and treats the actions of certain people acting in their capacity as a government as merely individuals acting under the delusion of working for a ruling body.

We already live in anarchy. Let us assume that States exist. The State can only use authority where it's agents (police) are there to enforce it. Because police are limited, the reach of the State is inherently limited. At any particular time, the police can only control a certain limited area. They can't be everywhere or see everything. In fact, they can't be most places at most times. Unless there is a police officer close enough to you to protect you, you are essentially in a state of anarchy. At that moment, you can act without fear of police action. The fact that these anarchies exist should be obvious. Without them, crime would be impossible. People today can smoke a joint, mug a passerby, fuck a whore, and any number of other illegal activities because they do so in a state of anarchy. The potential for the anarchy to be broken by the presence of a police officer drives them to avoid the police.

But States are arbitrary mental groupings of only cognitively related objects (in this case people and buildings). "States" are imaginary. The people forming the State are certainly real.

If we just assume that States do not exist, and look at bureaucrats and cops for what they really are, bureaucrats and cops, individual people, who exercise violent and coercive authority over others, then the situation looks different. Enforcement action taken by the DEA, rather than appear to be anarchy being broken by the presence of police, becomes overt and unremorseful theft between individuals acting under anarchistic circumstances. This is the worldview that results from the perspective of Deep Anarchy.

I should take the time to note that anarchy does not mean chaos. It means statelessness. A lack of some kind of monopoly ruling body. People will still be people without the government. Their values will not suddenly change. Peaceful people will continue to be peaceful and violent people will continue to be violent. The violent would not see a lack of police as a green light for rampant killing of innocents. Especially under anarchy, where peaceful people would not face police harassment and imprisonment for carrying their most effective means of self defense with them. Police, as noted above, cannot be everywhere, and cannot enforce justice everywhere. The people at large can defend themselves better than the police can defend them, and they can defend each other even better still. The violent, while they might no longer fear enforcement action by the police, will suddenly have much more to fear from enforcement action by victims and other peaceful people. The green light for killing sprees will become a red light when the potential victims are finally freed to defend themselves without restriction imposed by government. The cocky hardass gangstaz will rethink their criminal intentions if faced with aptly free and well-armed potential victims. They might be cocky hardasses, but they're not suicidal sadomasochists.

Question as much as you can. Assume as little as possible. Question government, and do not assume government, and you may reach similar conclusions as mine.


Blogger stacy said...

similar conclusions, perhaps. but i definitely have my own perspective, that is different than yours.

hey, you ever hear this one? "problem with you anarchists, is even amongst yourselves, you never seen to agree on anything"
that's the whole point, isn't it?
not for us to agree, but to be allowed to think for oursevles, which means it's okay to disagree sometimes.

i am really enjoying reading these old posts here, do you have any more recent stuff?

6:28 AM  

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